Above Ground Safe Rooms and Panic Rooms

Learn More About Ground Zero’s Above Ground Safe Rooms

Whether it be a tornado or an intruder, you never know when disaster will strike. In situations like these, families can be left helpless because they fail to have a contingency plan or a safe place to retreat to during a crisis. At Ground Zero Shelters, Co., we have been working on solutions to that problem for nearly two decades.

Our above ground safe room shelters offer you and your family protection and peace of mind when it comes to storms or home invasions. In addition to our standard sizes, we can customize a safe room or panic room according to your needs. In general, we offer sizes between 4’ x 5’8" x 6'3" tall or 4’ x 7’8" x 6'3" tall, but can build as small as 4’ x 4’ or as large as 9’ x 10'.

Built from quality materials, our steel storm shelters exceed FEMA standards. This means they offer near-absolute protection during even the worst of storms. Our engineering team has worked tirelessly to create a storm shelter that keeps our customers safe.

Why Are Safe Rooms and Panic Rooms Necessary for My Home?

If you live in the central United States, chances are you have seen firsthand the damage tornadoes can do. We’ve been there, too. When an EF5 tornado destroyed our family’s home, we founded Ground Zero to keep other families safe from disaster. Tornadoes can destroy entire neighborhoods in the blink of an eye. Safe rooms serve an important purpose: keeping your family safe from wind, rain, and flying debris during a storm. Additionally, having a panic room to retreat to during a home invasion or other crisis can prove lifesaving.

 Above Ground Tornado Shelter Safe and Panic Room Exterior in Oklahoma City and Tulsa OK

Above Ground Tornado Shelter Safe Room Interior Door in Oklahoma City and Tulsa OK

About Our Above Ground Safe Rooms

Our above ground safe rooms and panic rooms have been impact tested at the Texas Tech Wind and Science Institute and meet or exceed current FEMA and ICC standards. Our 4’ x 5’ 8” design can hold up to eight people, while our 4’ x 7’ 8” design holds up to 10 people.

We typically install our above ground shelters inside a garage, and installation can be completed in as little as 2 hours — record timing by industry standards. We can also install a safe room/panic room anywhere in your home pre-frame during the new home construction process. Once installed, we’ll give you the GPS coordinates so you can give them to your local fire department or emergency management office for registration.

Custom shelters require half down payment. All pricing Includes installation.

Additional Features of Our Tornado Safe Rooms and Panic Rooms

  • We use a Hilti bolt anchoring system (HUS) or Hilti 2-part epoxy on safe rooms larger than 10'x10' to anchor the shelter to the concrete slab. Each bolt can withstand 10,000 PSI of shear pressure.
  • Standard 36" door with a 24" door available upon request, and your choice of door placement on the right, left, or end.
  • Above ground safe room/panic room shelters come pre-constructed with 1/4” plate steel.
  • Five locks including one deadbolt lock for safety and four sliding bolts.
  • Two air vents in the door for air circulation. (In an emergency, the first responders can remove the air vents from outside, reach hand in, and unlock the slider bolts that hold the door closed.)
  • Requires 6’9” height clearance for standard install, also requires at least a 4” thick slab of concrete.
  • Stainless steel pins.
  • Lifetime warranty (see contract for details).

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Place your order today, or give us a call at 877.880.1351 to learn more about what Ground Zero Shelters, Co. can do for you. Our representatives are always available to answer your questions and work with you to build the best safe room according to your needs.

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