Alabama Tornado Facts

Tornados can hit anywhere – including Alabama. Check out these interesting tornado facts about Alabama below, or learn more about Alabama tornado averages.

  • Alabama resides in the United States’ most deadly tornado area—the Dixie Alley.
  • Researchers are becoming increasingly aware of how dangerous and deadly tornados in the Deep South/ Gulf Coast states can be.
  • Huntsville, Alabama was been rated the top tornado city in 2013.
  • Birmingham, Alabama was been rated the third top tornado city in 2013.
  • Tuscaloosa, Alabama was been rated the fourth tornado city in 2013.
  • Suffering from Lilapsophobia? You do if you’re afraid of tornados!
  • Alabama’s annual number of tornados is 44 tornados.
  • The University of Alabama created a tornado factsheet that cited Tuscaloosa as having a second tornado season from November to early December.
  • Tornados usually happen during the late afternoon into late evening, but can happen anytime.
  • The average tornado lasts less than ten minutes.

The Dixie Alley is becoming more dangerous than the traditional Tornado Alley and Alabama is a high risk state. Stay safe by ordering a Ground Zero shelter today!

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