Tornado Facts About Arkansas

Not typically located in Tornado Alley on most maps, Arkansas still has gone through many devastating tornados. The shrieking and powerful winds have taken their toll on the state. 

Here are some facts about tornados in Arkansas:

  • Recorded most tornados in January.
  • 622 tornados killed 39, injured 540 and caused $650 million damages in the first decade of the 21st century.
  • 56 tornados occurred in January of 1999.
  • 62 tornados were reported from April to May of 2011.
  • A tornado once carried a truck 27 miles.
  • Late fall and winter tornados are not uncommon.
  • Fatality rates are higher than expected for having a low population.
  • Only one recorded F5 tornado.

What stands out about Arkansas is the fact that the state has been known to have the most tornados during winter months. Most severe weather happens during the months of March, April and May. But as you can see from these facts, Arkansas tornadoes can happen during all times of the year. 

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