After a Tornado, Watch For These Hazards When Entering Your Home

hazards in home to watch out for after a tornado in Tulsa

Tornadoes are wild storms that can pop up without much warning and cause a lot of damage. If you live in places like Oklahoma City or Tulsa, you've probably heard about or seen their effects. Imagine strong winds tearing through towns, knocking over trees, and even damaging houses. After a tornado, many dangers might still be hiding inside homes. It's super important for people living in these areas to know what to look out for once the storm has passed. Let's talk about the safety steps you should take when checking your home after a tornado has hit.

Checking Your Home After a Tornado: Safety First!

After a tornado has passed, it might be tempting to quickly go inside your home to see the damage. But hold on a minute! Safety should always come first. Before you even think about going inside, walk slowly around the outside of your home. This will let you spot any dangers like hanging power lines, the smell of gas, or parts of your home that look like they might fall down. If you're not sure if it's safe to go in, always get a professional like a building inspector to check it out first. Remember to bring a battery-powered flashlight with you. But here's a tip: turn it on before you step inside. Why? Well, if there's a gas leak inside your home, even the tiny spark from turning on a flashlight can cause big problems. And while we all love our phones, try to save them for really important calls after a tornado. This keeps the phone lines open for big emergencies. Safety should always be your number one priority!

Look Out for These Dangers After a Tornado

Tornadoes can cause a lot of damage, and sometimes it's not always easy to see the dangers right away. Here are some big warning signs you should always look out for:

  • Smelling Gas: This is a big red flag! If you smell gas around your home, it could mean there's a leak. Gas leaks can cause explosions if they're not taken care of right away. It's super important to leave the area and get help.
  • Water Around Your Home: After a tornado, there might be water everywhere. But be careful! This water can be dangerous in two ways. First, it might be carrying electricity from power lines that fell down. That means stepping in the water can be really dangerous. Also, the water can hide sharp things like broken glass. It's best to wait until the water goes away and professionals say it's safe before you go back inside.
  • Burned Areas: If parts of your home burned during the tornado, be extra careful. Buildings that have been on fire can be weaker and might not be safe to go into. It's a good idea to have a professional check it out first.

And always remember to watch where you're going. After a tornado, there might be things on the ground or hanging from buildings that can hurt you. Stay safe and always be on the lookout!

Wild Animals After a Tornado: What You Should Know

Oklahoma is home to a lot of different animals. But after a tornado, some of these animals might be scared and confused. They could end up in places they don't usually go, like your backyard or even inside your house!

  • Watch Out for Snakes and Other Critters: One thing to be careful of is snakes. Some snakes in Oklahoma can be poisonous. After a tornado, they might be hiding in piles of broken things or debris. It's a good idea to use a stick to move stuff around if you're cleaning up. That way, you can see if there's a snake or any other animal without getting too close.
  • Ground Zero Shelters Cares: At Ground Zero Shelters, we know how important it is to be safe after a tornado. And that includes being safe around animals that might be scared or hurt. Remember to give them space and be careful. It's always best to respect and understand our local animals, especially when they're going through tough times like after a tornado.

Stay Safe with Ground Zero

Living in places like Oklahoma City and Tulsa means that tornadoes are something we have to think about. But just because tornadoes are a part of our life, it doesn't mean we can't be ready for them. Ground Zero Shelters is here not only to offer great tornado shelters but also to help our community be prepared and informed about tornadoes and what to do afterward. Contact us today to find out more.

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