How Important Mass Notifications Can be During Tornadoes

How Mass Notification Can Save Lives During TornadosNot only does springtime bring flowers and sunshine, but also high storm season. One of the dangerous byproducts of these weather conditions is flooding and tornadoes. There are many ways to protect yourself during a tornado, but being prepared and having adequate notice to take action is critical.

Many cities that are in the direct path of tornados year after year, have outdated systems to warn their residents when threatening weather is approaching. And every year we see reports of deaths from these destructive weather patterns. Losses not only occur in populated areas, but many times in rural areas where sirens or other older forms of warning systems may not be effective.

Sirens, while they give a warning when the situation is critical, may not allow time for adequate safety measures to be taken and are unable to provide other more critical information needed to protect the public when a tornado is a possibility.

Technology Can Save Lives! 

As technology has developed, so has the ability to provide mass notification to a large number of people with one simple phone call. Notification grid maps can be designated by county, zip code, district, or whatever criteria the emergency service department desires. Mass notification systems are easy, economical and efficient with user-friendly implementation. 

With one call from authorities, a message can be transmitted instantly via text, email or voice mail. The older methods of notification through a television broadcast may not reach all people in the area in time or at all, should there be an electrical outage. Mass messaging is instantaneous and storm information can be figured out rapidly. Additionally, after the storm has passed, resources, aide and shelter information can be dispatched through this messaging system as well.

During tornado season, storms can rip across your county or town leaving those who are unaware injured or even dead. Mass notification systems can save lives and every county emergency service should be utilizing this affordable public safety tool. If you live in an area prone to dangerous weather, educate yourself on what you need to do to stay safe. Check out our recent article An Amateurs Guide to Surviving a Tornado.

As we brace for a severe weather season this year, make sure your county takes advantage of the existing technology of mass notification systems and utilizes this easy-to-use, economic and effective way to warn residents of impending danger.

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