How to Get Natural Disaster Assistance

Throughout the recovery period, it is important to monitor local radio or television reports and other media outlets for information about where to get emergency housing, food, first aid, clothing, and financial assistance. Help can be found in both direct assistance and federal assistance. We break these down below. 

Direct & Local Assistance

Direct and local assistance to individuals and families may come from any number of organizations, including:

These organizations provide food, shelter, supplies and assist in clean-up efforts.

Federal Assistance

In the most severe disasters, the federal government is also called in to help individuals and families with temporary housing, counseling (for post-disaster trauma), low-interest loans and grants, and other assistance. The federal government also has programs that help small businesses and farmers.
Most federal assistance becomes available when the President of the United States declares a “Major Disaster” for the affected area at the request of a state governor. FEMA will provide information through the media and community outreach about federal assistance and how to apply. FEMA also provides many grants, learn more here.

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