What to Do Once a Tornado Has Passed

actions to take once a tornado passes in Tornado Alley

Understanding Tornado Aftermath with Ground Zero Shelters

Tornadoes are notorious for their raw power and the destruction they leave in their path, especially in areas like Oklahoma City and Tulsa, which are no strangers to these violent storms. Understanding what to do after a tornado is equally as crucial as preparing for one. Here, we at Ground Zero Shelters aim to guide you through the critical steps to ensure safety and recovery after a tornado in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Ensuring the Storm Has Truly Ended

After a tornado rips through, an unsettling quiet often ensues. This calm can create a false sense of security, leading some to believe that the danger has completely subsided. However, it's crucial not to be deceived by this deceptive stillness. Before even thinking of leaving the safety of your storm shelter, one must be absolutely certain that the storm has fully passed. This is where technology becomes an ally. A weather radio, which provides real-time updates, is an invaluable tool during these times. By tuning in, you can stay informed about the storm's progression and any subsequent alerts specific to your area. Remember, what happens after a tornado can sometimes be as hazardous as the tornado itself, given the debris and possible structural damage.

Checking for Injuries After a Tornado

After a tornado, it's super important to make sure everyone is okay. As soon as you know the storm is gone, look around and check if anyone is hurt. Some people might have small cuts or bruises. These can be taken care of with a simple first aid kit. But sometimes, people can get seriously hurt, and they might need a doctor or nurse to help.

Handling Serious Injuries

Big injuries like broken bones, deep cuts, or hits to the head need to be handled very carefully. If someone has a bad injury, don't move them unless something even more dangerous might happen, like if there's a live wire nearby. If you see someone is in real danger or very hurt, call 911 right away. It's a good idea to keep a list of emergency numbers close by just in case.

Dealing with Other Common Injuries

If someone can't breathe, and you know how to do CPR, you should help them. Another thing to watch out for is puncture wounds. These are cuts made by sharp things like nails. Even if they look small, they can become a big problem if not treated. Press on the wound to stop any bleeding and make sure to get it checked out. After a tornado, acting quickly and smartly is important to keep everyone safe.

Understanding Post-Tornado Dangers

After a tornado, familiar surroundings can quickly change into danger zones. While the storm might have passed, the aftermath can present numerous challenges that must be tackled cautiously. For example, downed power lines can pose significant risks. If you come across any, it's vital to stay far away and immediately report them to the local utility company. This ensures that the necessary repairs can be initiated and prevents potential accidents.

Re-entering Your Home Safely

Patience is key if your home has been hit and shows signs of damage. Always wait for a clear signal from emergency personnel before deciding to go back in. They are trained to assess the structural integrity of buildings and will provide guidance on when it's safe. Moreover, always be on the lookout for animals that might have sought shelter in your home during the storm. Some might be scared and could act out in self-defense.

Taking Precautions Inside

Even if your home seems untouched, there are still precautions to consider. For families fortunate enough to have their homes intact, keeping children and pets inside is recommended, away from potential hazards. If your pets need a breath of fresh air, always use a leash to ensure their safety. Power outages are common after storms, but it's crucial to prioritize safety when looking for light. Flashlights and lanterns are safer compared to candles, which could inadvertently lead to fires if not monitored closely. Always be prepared and prioritize safety above all.

Why Knowledge Matters

Living in places like Oklahoma City and Tulsa means you're in Tornado Alley. This is a spot where tornadoes happen a lot. So, knowing what to do after a tornado is super important. Even though we hope you never see a tornado up close, being ready and knowing what to do can keep you and your family safe.

Get Prepared with Us!

Don't wait for a tornado to surprise you. Make a plan, stay informed, and trust Ground Zero Shelters to help keep you safe. Contact us today to take the steps you need toward tornado preparedness.

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