Storm Shelter Supply List: What to Take To Your Shelter

Image of tornado for storm shelter supply list page in OKCWhen it comes to the unpredictable weather in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, OK, it's always best to be prepared. And being prepared isn't just about having a storm shelter, but also ensuring it's well-stocked to keep your family safe and comfortable during a storm. At Ground Zero Shelters, we want to help you ensure that your tornado shelter supplies are comprehensive and adequate, whether you're preparing for a short-term storm or a longer, more severe one.

Prepping Your Shelter: Short-Term Tornado Supplies

Preparation is key when facing any kind of storm, particularly with those as volatile and unpredictable as tornados. To equip your shelter effectively for short-term needs, consider what tornado shelter supplies are fundamental for your safety and comfort. Essential items like non-perishable food and water should be top on your tornado shelter supply list, ensuring you can sustain yourselves even when conditions outside are treacherous. In addition to food and water, other crucial tornado supplies include warm clothing, blankets to combat the cold, and lighting supplies such as flashlights and batteries, guaranteeing visibility even when power fails. A comprehensive first aid kit should also be a priority, preparing you for any injuries that might occur during the storm. However, always remember to personalize your preparations based on your family's specific needs. If you have an infant, including baby supplies like formula and diapers is crucial. Likewise, consider any unique health concerns among family members and stock up on necessary medications and supplies. Ensuring your storm shelter supplies cater to your family's particular needs can make the difference between mere survival and comfort during the ordeal.

Going the Extra Mile: Long-Term Tornado Shelter Supplies

Going the extra mile in tornado preparedness involves thorough planning and equipping your shelter for potentially longer stays. This means, apart from the essentials, your tornado shelter supplies should be sufficient in quantity to sustain your family for an extended period. Carefully consider the amount of non-perishable food and water you'll need, and ensure your tornado shelter supply list includes these items in abundance. However, tornado supplies for long-term preparedness are not just about nourishment and survival. It's also about securing your valuable documents and records. Imagine the upheaval a tornado can cause in Oklahoma City or Tulsa, OK; essential documents like passports, family records, and wills can get lost or destroyed. To prevent such a scenario, ensure you have copies of these important documents stored safely in your shelter. Remember, a well-stocked shelter not only guarantees physical well-being but also provides a sense of security in knowing that your essential records are safeguarded in case of a severe storm.

what to keep in your storm shelter in Tulsa and Oklahoma

Keeping Your Tornado Shelter Supply List Updated

Establishing a tornado shelter supply list is only the first step in ensuring your family's safety during a storm. A crucial aspect of maintaining your storm readiness is keeping your tornado supplies updated and ready at a moment's notice. This means regularly checking expiry dates on food, water, and medicines, replacing any borrowed items, and keeping everything neatly organized for easy access. Make it a habit to review your tornado shelter supply list every few months. Seasonal changes may necessitate additional items or the removal of others. You may also need to update supplies to cater to the changing needs of growing children or new family members. Remember, a well-maintained tornado shelter stocked with essential supplies not only ensures your family's safety during a storm but also provides peace of mind throughout tornado season in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, OK. It's not just about knowing what supplies you need for a tornado; it's about ensuring they're always ready when you need them.

Completing Your Tornado Preparedness with a Ground Zero Shelter

We hope this comprehensive guide provides a clear picture of what to take to your storm shelter, from the bare essentials to the extra preparations for longer-term stay. Remember, even a fully prepped backpack can make a significant difference to your safety during a storm. At Ground Zero Shelters, we know that the most crucial part of your tornado shelter supply list is the tornado shelter itself. If you're in Oklahoma City or Tulsa, OK, and you don't yet have a shelter, we invite you to contact us to check out our models and order a custom shelter online. Remember, when it comes to tornado preparedness, we're in this together!

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