Taking Shelter - Dos and Don'ts

dos and don'ts when taking shelter in a safe room during a storm in OKC

Tornado Shelter Safety in Oklahoma with Ground Zero Shelters

When we think about the fierce tornadoes that frequently strike places like Oklahoma City and Tulsa, the importance of being prepared becomes abundantly clear. The difference between safety and disaster often boils down to the knowledge and decisions of the individuals caught in these storms. Knowing the right dos and don'ts of taking shelter can be the dividing line between relief and tragedy. From having a clear safety plan in place to understanding the essentials of a well-stocked storm shelter, every detail matters. Ground Zero Shelters has you covered with our top-notch above-ground safe rooms and storm shelters.

The Dos of Taking Shelter

When tornadoes threaten, knowing how to respond can be the key to staying safe. Taking shelter isn't just about finding cover; it's about being prepared and knowing what to do before, during, and after the storm hits. Here are essential steps everyone should follow to ensure their safety during these unpredictable events.

  • Have a Plan and Stick to it: Every member of your family should be well-versed with the tornado safety protocol. Discuss and decide on a meeting point and ensure everyone, including kids, know the way to the tornado shelter.
  • Regular Drills: Practice makes perfect. Conduct regular tornado drills, replicating real-life scenarios. This will instill a sense of preparedness and highlight any weak points in your plan.
  • Stock Up: Stock your storm shelter with essentials. These should include a weather radio, flashlights, water, food, and blankets. Every family is unique, so tailor your supplies accordingly.
  • Entertainment is Essential: Especially when kids are involved, keeping spirits up and minds occupied is crucial. Pack board games, coloring books, cards, or even a small portable DVD player to pass the time.
  • Secure the Shelter: Once everyone is safely inside, ensure the shelter door is tightly fastened. Remember, the wind and pressure during a tornado can be immensely powerful.

The Don'ts of Taking Shelter

In the face of an approaching tornado, not only is it vital to know the right actions to take, but it's equally crucial to be aware of common mistakes to avoid. Even small mistakes can have significant consequences during these powerful storms. These are some of the things you shouldn't do when seeking safety from a tornado.

  • Never Assume: Never assume that every family member knows what to do. Communication is key, especially with young ones who might not fully grasp the severity of a tornado.
  • Avoid Delay: Time is of the essence when a tornado warning is issued. Do not wait until the storm is close. The faster you take shelter, the safer you'll be.
  • Stay Calm and Remain Inside: The roaring sound of a tornado can be terrifying. Yet, it's essential to stay calm. After the tornado passes, there's a brief calm period. Wait a while and ensure the storm has truly passed before stepping out.

Understanding Tornado Threats in Oklahoma

Oklahoma City and Tulsa are no strangers to the raw power of tornadoes. These fierce storms can strike with little warning, leaving devastation in their wake. Given the unpredictability and intensity of these natural disasters, investing in a reliable storm shelter is not just a good idea, but it's essential. Ground Zero Shelters stands as a beacon for those seeking robust and trustworthy protection against tornadoes. We've studied these storms in-depth, and our shelters are designed to offer the maximum safety possible.

Prioritize Your Safety with Ground Zero Shelters

Your family's safety should never be compromised. While some might consider temporary or makeshift solutions, these can prove to be inadequate in the face of a full-blown tornado. Relying on areas like an outdoor shelter can be risky, exposing you to the storm's dangerous elements. Ground Zero Shelters brings you a solution built on trust and experience. Having protected countless families across Oklahoma, we have a proven track record. When you choose us, you're not just getting a shelter, but you're gaining peace of mind.

Navigating the Aftermath with Confidence

Tornadoes can leave a trail of destruction that feels overwhelming. Homes might be damaged, and landscapes changed, but it's essential to remember that with the right resources and support, recovery is possible. Ground Zero Shelters not only offer protection during the storm but also guidance in its aftermath. Our commitment to your safety extends beyond the storm, ensuring you have the resources and knowledge to rebuild and recover.

Take Action Now

Stay safe, Oklahoma residents. If you don't have a tornado shelter yet or are considering an upgrade, now is the time. Contact us today. Don't wait for the next tornado warning to realize the importance of taking shelter. Be proactive, be safe.

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