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Florida is more well-known for hurricanes than tornados, but they can seriously threaten unprepared people. Ground Zero Shelters can help you be better prepared through our tornado shelters. Our team of highly trained experts is skilled enough to install your new above-ground storm shelter in as quickly as two hours. Let our family help yours as our tornado shelters are built to meet and exceed FEMA standards. Regardless of your family’s needs, our team will have the right solution for you. Contact us to order your storm shelter or to request additional information.

When Is Florida’s Tornado Season?

The storm season in Florida can occur as early as February and continue as last as September. Tornados can form in a variety of ways throughout Florida. Summer season storms usually occur along intense sea breeze boundary collisions and from tropical cyclones. It’s important to note that spring season storms can be more powerful and deadly as they are usually spawned from supercells along a squall line ahead of a cold front. A climatologist in Florida has discovered that strong violent tornados are as likely to occur after midnight as they are in the afternoon.

How to Prepare for Florida’s Storm Season

One of the easiest ways to prepare for Florida’s tornado season is to install one of our storm shelters. Our above-ground shelters are pre-constructed with ¼” plate steel and attached with bolts designed to withstand 10,000 PSI of shear pressure. We’ve compiled some additional ways you and your family can help better prepare themselves for Florida tornados. Here are our other tips for preparing for storm season:

  • Build An Emergency Kit – We highly recommend making an emergency kit that includes three days’ worth of supplies for each family member. It should also have a radio with additional batteries to ensure you can keep up to date with the news. 
  • Be Ready to Act Quickly – When a tornado watch is issued, turn on your radio to listen to your local news station for information and updates. You should enact your family plan at the first sign of real danger.
  • After the Storm – You should remain safe within your tornado shelter until you hear that it’s safe to come out from local officials.

Keep Your Family Safe with a Tornado Shelter

We take pride in not only being industry leaders but offering the most innovative tornado shelters on the market today. Our storm shelters were tested by Texas Tech Wind and Science Institute and found to exceed current FEMA standards. Our family-run business strives to provide you with the highest quality product. We design, fabricate, install, and offer a warranty with customer satisfaction and safety in mind. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to learn more about what Ground Zero Shelters can do for you to keep you and your family safe. Let our family protect yours.

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