Top 27 Foods to Stockpile in Case of Emergencies

Foods to Stockpile in Case of Emergencies in OKCWe have discussed what to keep in your storm shelter before, but what about food? Chances are you will not be spending long amounts of time in your storm shelter, but we do have to consider other emergencies. Fueling your body in emergency situations is much different from your everyday diet. You will probably expend more energy than you normally would, you should eat high-energy, high-protein foods. Also, you will want to stretch your supply out as long as possible, so stockpiling long lasting foods is key. Take a look at our recommendations below.


These food items are packed with protein and will keep for a long period of time.

1. Peanut Butter
2. Canned Tuna 
3. Canned Meats
4. Beef Jerky
5. Beans

Canned Goods

Canned goods are a favorite for stockpilers. Almost anything you can think of usually comes in a canned variety! Just remember to check for expiration dates and rotate out your stock.

6. Canned Fruits
7. Canned Vegetables
8. Canned Soups


Water is a no-brainer. But consider sports drinks for the electrolytes. These drinks will help you replenish your fluids if water is scarce. Also, powdered milk is a great alternative for dairy products and a great source of Vitamin D.

9. Bottled Water
10. Sports Drinks
11. Powdered milk


You may not think of these when stockpiling. But believe us, you will miss them! Keep these on hand to spice up any meal!

12. Salt & Pepper
13. Bullion
14. Honey
15. Sugar
16. Cooking Oil / Shortening


These foods are cheap, will last forever and most importantly, will fill you up!

17. Cereal
18. Granola Bars
19. Pasta
20. Spaghetti Sauce
21. Nuts & Trail Mix
22. Rice
23. Crackers

Something Sweet

Don’t forget to stock up on the sweeter items. If you have kids, these can also be used as rewards.

24. Hard Candies
25. Dried Fruits


These items fall in the miscellaneous category. Multivitamins are good for making sure you have enough vitamins in your system because you will most likely not be getting the best nourishment. MRE’s have many offerings, however; they can be a bit pricey. If you can swing it, these would add a good variety to your stockpile.

26. MREs (Meals Ready to Eat)
27. Multivitamins

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