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Families in Georgia understand that tornados can happen at any time of the year. Ground Zero Shelter offers families a way to no longer let storms intimidate them. Our tornado shelters are bolted into your home with bolts that are strong enough to withstand 10,000 psi of shear strength. Our team is proud to say that we serve the entire state of Georgia. Whether you live in Atlanta or Macon, we would love to keep you and your family safe with our tornado shelters. If you need additional information or are ready to install yours today, don’t hesitate to reach out.

When Is Tornado Season in Georgia?

Georgia generally sees two main severe storm seasons a year. The most active months for severe storms and tornados are March, April, and May. Unlike most states, Georgia is prone to tornados state-wide. Most appear in the mid-afternoon to early evening time frame. You may be wondering how many tornados Georgia gets a year. The answer isn’t exactly straightforward. Researchers have studied storm patterns paying close attention to supercells that create tornados. On average, Georgia used to get about 15-20 tornados a year. Currently, meteorologists suspect at least 20 a year.

How to Prepare for Tornado Season?

Preparing for storm season or any emergency may seem like a daunting task. Planning ahead can help remove the panic and fear, allowing you and your loved ones to enact a rehearsed plan that ensures everyone stays safe and that nothing important is missed. The first thing we recommend is getting a tornado shelter built. Our storm shelters can quickly be installed in about two hours and exceed FEMA standards. When you bunked into our shelter, you can rest easy knowing you and your family will be safe. Here are some additional tips to prepare for storm season:

  • Knowing Your Signs – Knowing the difference between a tornado watch and a warning can help give you and your family time to get your kit and plan together. A watch means that conditions are favorable for tornados to appear. It’s best to keep up to date with information. A tornado warning signals that a storm that can produce tornados is on its way. We recommend getting into your tornado shelter as soon as possible.
  • Know Your Area – Once safe inside your shelter, you should know your area to accurately track the storm and essential information on your radio, TV, or computer. Having backup power sources is vital to keeping safe.
  • Have An Emergency Kit – We always recommend preparing an emergency kit in your storm shelter. Your kit should include basic first aid, lights, and enough supplies to last each member of your family for three days.

Rely On Our Storm Shelters in Georgia

Ground Zero Shelters was founded in 2004 after a severe tornado hit our home state, and our family had no place to seek shelter. Since that day, our family’s goal has been to protect other families from tornados while at an affordable price. Storm shelters in Georgia are one way our company is trying to fulfill our initial promise. Don’t hesitate to explore our site or call us to learn more about our tornado shelters and how our family can help protect yours.

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