Tornado Facts About Georgia

Georgia has a long history of tornados with the first recordings of these severe storms in 1804 when 11 people were killed in Augusta. Fast forward to today, and the state of Georgia is considered a moderate risk for tornados. There are many interesting facts about Georgia tornados. Read more below, and don't miss our stats on Georgia tornado averages.

  • The largest tornado in the Atlanta area was an EF-4 in 1992 that caused 46 injuries and 0 deaths.
  • In April 2011 15 tornados touched down, including a rare powerful EF-4 tornado that struck Catoosa County, the ninth largest in the state’s history. The tornado killed 15 Georgians, injured 143, caused extensive property damage and left more than 49,000 residents without power.
  • Between 1950 and 2013 there were 278 fatalities and 4,619 injuries from tornados.
  • There were 1,455 tornados in Georgia between 1950-2013.

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