How to Prepare Your Kids for Tornadoes and Natural Disasters

image of sesame street charactersSpring is in the air and it’s a beautiful time of year - but this beauty comes at a price! Spring means the start of high storm season for most parts of the country. It is critical that families are prepared for dangerous weather. Teaching your kids basic tornado safety procedures will help reduce the chaos in the event of a tornado. 

The first thing children should know is the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning. A tornado watch simply means that conditions are favorable for a tornado and that you should be on the lookout. A tornado warning means that a tornado has been spotted either by a storm spotter or by a weather radar.

In the event of a tornado warning, your kids need to know what to do. Be sure to openly communicate with your children what they should do and have the following items ready.

Emergency Kit

Your disaster supply kit should include water, snacks, blankets, medicines and a battery powered radio – just to name a few!

Emergency Contact List

You and your kids should work together to create a list of emergency contacts. Talk about the people and phone numbers that will be on the list. Be sure to include your cell numbers in case you are ever separated from your kids in an emergency situation.

Emergency Meeting Place

Discuss with your kids the place that you want to meet with them after a disaster strikes. This could be a mailbox, a neighbor's house or anywhere you think your child could easily get to. This is also helpful information in the event of fires or other disasters other than tornados. 

Talking with your children about tornados and other natural disasters is the best way to keep them safe. Make sure they know where to go during tornado warnings (the lowest level of your house away from all windows). They should also know where to find you or how to contact you in the event that you are separated. If a disaster does strike your family, it is important to help your kids cope with the devastation. Remember - knowledge is safety! 

You can also check out FEMA’s website as well.  Just search tornado safety for kids in the search bar and tons of helpful tips and advice will pop up.  

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