Unrivaled Tornado Shelters in Indiana

Stay Safe with a Tornado Shelter from Ground Zero Shelters

Families living in Indiana understand the danger of being in Tornado Alley. One of the best ways to keep you and your family safe during storm season is to install an above-ground tornado shelter from Ground Zero Shelters. We still meet and exceed FEMA standards in each shelter and they have been known to withstand an F5 tornado. Our engineers use bolts designed to withstand 10,000 psi of shear pressure. We’re proud to service the entire state of Indiana, from Gary to Indianapolis. Don’t hesitate to request more information or to order your storm shelter today.

When Is Tornado Season in Indiana?

Unfortunately, tornados can occur year-round in Indiana, but they are mostly seen from Mid-May to July. You may be wondering how many tornados there are in Indiana per year. Indiana averages roughly 22 tornados a year, the most being 72 in 2011. The State of Indiana has an interesting tornado history. Tornados are rated on the Enhanced Fujita Scale, which determines the tornado's strength and size, ranging from F0, being the lightest, and F5, the most severe. One of the deadliest storms in State history includes the 1974 super outbreak in which Indiana experienced three F5 tornados.

How to Prepare for Indiana Tornado Season?

While almost every tornado has the potential to be fatal, nearly every single one is survivable, given the right precautions. One of the best precautions is installing one of our tornado shelters. The storm shelters we install are designed to give you and your family the best chance at remaining safe and healthy through some more severe storms. Here are some additional tips for preparing for storm season in Indiana:

  • Get a Weather Radio – Weather radios are turned specifically to beneficial metrological broadcasts to give your family as much warning as possible. Generally, when you hear a tornado warning, you have approximately 10-15 minutes before the storm arrives.
  • Create an Emergency Kit – You can plan and prepare ahead of time. Your kit should include three days’ worth of supplies for each family member. This is to ensure everyone will be taken care of if it’s unsafe to leave your storm shelter.
  • Have a Plan – It may seem simple, but fear and panic can easily take control when an emergency is coming. A practiced plan can help you and your family focus on something else while ensuring everything you need is taken care of. This is to help you avoid situations where required items are left out.

Indiana’s Trusted Storm Shelter Experts

One of the first and best steps to keep your family safe is installing one of our above-ground tornado shelters. Our shelters were tested at the Wind Science & Engineering Research Center at Texas Tech University and were found to exceed FEMA standards. Ground Zero Shelter was founded after our family lived through an F5 tornado with no shelter. We made it our goal to ensure no family has to live through that again. Allow our family to protect yours with our durable and affordable storm shelters. Contact us to learn more or to order your tornado shelter today.

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