Tornado Facts About Iowa

If you live in Iowa, you are at risk of a tornado hitting at anytime and anywhere. Get Iowa tornado facts below:

  • 1952 was the first time the term “Tornado Alley” was used. Tornado Alley was the title of U.S. Air Force meteorologists Major Ernest J. Fawbush and Captain Robert C. Miller’s research project that explored the extreme weather in the Alley states.
  • Five years later, Iowa was included in the New York Time’s covering of the Tornado Alley: “According to the U.S. Weather Bureau, tornados have occurred in every hour of the day, every month of the year, and in every state. But most often they occur in May and June, between 4 and 7 p.m., in what has been called ‘Tornado Alley’ — Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Iowa.”
  • Over the past 30 years, Iowa has reported an yearly average of 47 tornados. Check out monthly Iowa tornado averages here.
  • The spring and summer months experience the greatest number of tornados in Iowa.
  • Since 2010, most of the tornados were categorized as F0/F1.
  • Iowa is following the national trend of tornado seasons ending earlier than in the past.

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