Tornado Facts About Kansas

There’s something about visiting Kansas that warrants a nostalgic feeling of warmth within us. The infinite openness of the plains and crop fields gives an overwhelming sense of comfort, freedom and pride. It’s really no wonder why Kansas’ most notorious heel-clicking resident can be so candid in repeating that there’s simply no place like it.  

As true as this may be, it isn’t solely pleasant characteristics that make the state unique in its own ways. The state’s frequent tornados are just as infamous for their violent winds.

Here are some facts about tornados in Kansas:

  • 3rd in the nation for the largest amount of tornados in a year.
  • Every month of the year has had a tornado in it.
  • 1955 had the worst tornado for Kansas with 80 deaths and 273 injuries.
  • Fatalities from tornados have occurred as early as March 13 to as late at Halloween.
  • Edwards County has the highest risk for a tornado.
  • There’s an average of 61 tornados every year. See statistics on monthly tornado averages in Kansas here.
  • F5 tornados have been documented since 1895.

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