Tornado Facts About Kentucky

You can never be too safe when it comes to protecting your family from dangerous tornados. Check out the Kentucky tornado facts below to learn more.

  • Kentucky ranks number 27 for frequency of tornados. Check out the average monthly tornados in Kentucky here.
  • Kentucky ranks 15 for number of tornado-related deaths.
  • The cost of tornado related repairs in Kentucky can be estimated to upwards of $300 million.
  • Kentucky has experienced about five tornado outbreaks since the 1900s.
  • April is Kentucky’s peak month for tornados.
  • In 1997, a record high of 39 tornados were reported.
  • The majority of Kentucky’s tornados are F0-F1 on the Fujita scale.
  • The Bradenburg tornado of 1974 marks the most devastating tornado recorded in Kentucky history with over $110 million in damages.
  • Kentucky along with nine other states were declared disaster areas as a result of the 1974 tornado outbreak.

Tornados are one of the most violent natural disasters in the United States and can result in millions of dollars of damages. However, don’t forget that your life is worth more than anything else. With this in mind, consider investing in your safety by having Ground Zero technicians install your very own storm shelter. Contact us today to learn more.

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