Tornado Season Facts For Louisiana

Winds certainly make an impact in Louisiana. The northern part of the state rests on the edge of Tornado Alley. But even though the state’s not located there, doesn’t mean there aren’t any twisters. In fact, tornados come as a surprise to the residents because they are not spotted miles away. 

Here are some other facts about tornados in Louisiana:

  • 1971 had the deadliest tornado recorded for the state with 47 fatalities and 510 injuries.
  • 1971 also had the largest tornado recorded for the state with 11 fatalities and 18 injuries.
  • 75% of tornados have a path length of about 4 miles and are less than 300 feet wide.
  • More tornados occur in the southern parishes than in the northern.
  • November is the peak month for tornados. Learn more about monthly tornado averages in Louisiana here.
  • Most tornados happen during afternoon hours – likely between 3 and 4 p.m.
  • Summer tornados are usually created by hurricanes.

Since Louisiana’s climate is surrounded by water and land, it’s affected by continental and marine influences. And as you can see, the moist, subtropical climate has had its share of tornados because of it. 

To protect your family, it’s best to look into a storm shelter system. There are actually above-ground tornado shelters for Louisiana that will provide you with the ultimate safety. 

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