Tornado Season Facts For Missouri

Even though Missouri is not located in Tornado Alley doesn’t mean the state is tornado proof. The combined air masses have created powerful enough forces to tear through some major cities in Missouri. 

Here are some facts about tornados in Missouri:  

  • 65 tornados in 2010.
  • There are 30 Missouri tornados a year on average.
  • Most tornados occur in April and May.
  • Most destructive tornados occur during winter and autumn.
  • 83% of the occurred tornados are between noon and midnight.
  • In the Tri-State (Missouri, Illinois and Indiana) Tornado with 695 fatalities.
  • 17,000 people estimated were affected by the tornado in May of 2011.
  • More than 1,000 injuries and at least 255 fatalities from the 1896 St. Louis tornado.
  • St. Louis had the third deadliest and most costly U.S. history tornado.

A tornado can last for more than an hour to only a few seconds. The Tri-State Tornado left a 151 to 235 mile track. The longest ever recorded in the world. Missouri may not be in the top for the most amount of tornados in a year, but it’s definitely had its share of the most powerful tornados. 

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