Tornado Shelter in Oklahoma

Everyone in the central United States is familiar with the destruction tornadoes can cause. Oklahoma is no exception — if you live in Oklahoma, you know that tornado safety is not something to take lightly. Protecting your family is the highest priority during tornado season. You need to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Ground Zero Shelters, Co. has been in the business of building tough tornado storm shelters since 2004. We are proud to call Oklahoma our home and have expanded our reach to cover more than two dozen states. Today, we serve the entire state of Oklahoma and love working with families to provide the best tornado shelters on the market. Four generations of family members have worked to provide the residents of Oklahoma with high-quality tornado storm shelters. We are eager to do the same for your family, as we know what it is like to be left completely helpless during a crisis.

Our Storm Shelters

We have many storm shelters that will suit your needs including above ground safe rooms and underground garage shelters. Our shelters come in an array of sizes or can be custom-built according to your needs. Whether you want something discreetly placed underground in your garage or a safe room added to your basement or garage, we have a professional team of engineers eager to work with you.

All of our tornado shelters are third-party engineered to exceed FEMA standards, which means they go above and beyond to protect you during a storm. Ground Zero puts its storm shelters through a rigorous testing process to ensure there are no leaks, corrosion, or defects in our products.

Oklahoma Service Areas Recently Hit with Tornados and Storms

If your city or town is not on this list, don't worry; we service all of Oklahoma, as well as surrounding states. No distance is too large for us, and we will work with you to schedule a convenient delivery and installation time. Our team does all of the heavy lifting, including proper site cleanup when your storm shelter is installed.

Contact Ground Zero Shelters, Co.

If you have questions about installing a tornado storm shelter in Oklahoma, or would like to request repair service to your home, please feel free to contact us. Natural disasters won't wait, so it’s important to have a tornado and storm shelter before the next storm hits.

You can also visit our showroom, located in Oklahoma City. Our staff is always excited to show you our process. We will work with you every step of the way to find a shelter that fits your needs and protects your family. When it comes to keeping your family safe during a tornado, Ground Zero is the most experienced and professional storm shelter provider in Oklahoma with over 120,000 estimated installs and counting.

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