Questions to Ask When Buying a Storm Shelter

Ground Zero has replaced numerous storm shelters that were in disrepair. In order to avoid this from happening to you, consider these questions when purchasing your tornado shelter.

How long has your product been manufactured, who manufactures and has the company ever changed its name?

This gives credibility to a company and will show how long they have been in business.

How was your shelter tested and by whom?

VERY important to make sure their shelters were not only tested, but by a credible testing facility.

How are their shelters installed and how do they backfill? Ground Zero Shelters, Co., you get both available options for backfilling. Read about our Deluxe and Standard Installation options. 

How long does it take to install the shelter?

This is important to find out how long they will be at your house. If they say several days, then you know something fishy is going on and you might be getting over-charged.

What type of storm shelter ventilation do you have?

Make sure the company offers ventilation options – you need to breathe after all!

How can a person get out of the shelter if there is debris on the lid? Is there more than one way to escape their shelter if debris is on lid?

Asking these types of questions can save lives! If you ask ahead of time, you will be better prepared when disaster strikes!

What does their warranty policy cover and for how long? Some may offer 5-10 years, others a lifetime. What is a good warranty?

Learn here what is considered a good warranty and what you should expect from a reputable company.

What associations is your company a member of?

This shows that they are in good standing in the industry and their colleagues approve.

Do they require a deposit?

It helps know the financials ahead of time. You can also check to see if they accept any rebates, grants, etc.

Storm Shelter Rebate FAQ's

Do you ever wonder if you qualify for a rebate?