Tornado Facts About South Carolina

If you live in South Carolina, you are still at risk to be hit by a tornado, Check out these tornado facts about South Carolina below.

  • South Carolina average 14 tornados per year.
  • There has never been an F-5 tornado reported in South Carolina’s history.
  • There have been dozens of F-4 tornados in various South Carolina counties.
  • Since South Carolina is prone to tropical cyclones, some of the weaker systems have also produced tornados.
  • On average, 22 people are injured by South Carolina tornados each year.
  • In 1995, 54 tornados were reported in South Carolina, the most in the state’s history.
  • In 2004, Tropical Storm Frances caused a record number of 47 tornados as it stretched along the Appalachian Mountains that lasted from September 6-7.
  •  In 1924, the highest tornado related deaths occurred in April when two tornados touched down. Each tornado’s reach was well over 100 miles long. They killed 77 people and injured almost 800 people.
  • On August 16, 1994, 22 tornados were confirmed when Tropical Storm Beryl collided with a cold front. The tornados along with the tropical storms caused over $50 million in damages.
  • In the spring tornados result from active cold fronts while tropical storms are the cause of summertime tornados.

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