Ground Zero Storm Shelters Customer Testimonials

We love getting feedback from our customers! You mean a lot to us and we like to know how we can improve and what we are doing right. Take a look at the testimonials below to learn how we take care of our customers. If you would like to submit a testimonial of your own, please feel free to contact us.

They were efficient and did a great job of cleaning up after the installation. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the experience and highly recommend Ground Zero Shelters.
Ronnie Murphy  May, 20 2023, Above Ground Safe Rooms/Panic Rooms

Super nice installers! They had it installed in no time. Went over everything regarding the shelter and made sure I had no questions. Very happy with product and service!
Sarah Moore  May, 20 2023, Above Ground Safe Rooms/Panic Rooms

They showed up and finished on time. Both were professional, knew what they were doing, and did a great job! Barely made a mess and cleaned up what little there was. Definitely would recommend!
Greg Holden  May, 4 2023, Underground Garage Shelters

From the start Ground Zero Shelters was the best choice for us. Kendra was very prompt with all communication and answered every question that we had. The pricing from Ground Zero was as good or better than all competitors We chose a 4x8 above ground. The shelters themselves are high quality with a very nice power coat in white.The locking system from the inside is very secure using four sliding bolts. The website description was accurate on all accounts.  They were very nice, knowledgeable, and efficient. They had the shelter unloaded and bolted down in less than two hours. Other than the shelter, there was no indication that they had been here.

This was by far one of the best buying experiences I have ever had and I would recommend Ground Zero Shelters to everyone! 
While the quality of the shelter is important (and the shelter is high quality), what sold me was the company's human touch. They excel at taking care of people!

Thank you from my family to yours.
The Southerland  April, 28 2023, Above Ground Safe Rooms/Panic Rooms

This company was punctual, clearly communicated, and had a terrific installation. Their guys were polite, punctual, and did the whole garage install in under 4 hours - afterwards they cleaned our garage and driveway. I would HIGHLY recommend. Very impressed!
Andrea Miyalo  November, 20 2022, Underground Garage Shelters

We have had many clients use Ground Zero as well as having personally had one installed, and they did an excellent job. It's such a fast install too.
Whitney Schirarer  January, 25 2023, Underground Garage Shelters

We had our shelter installed today (a month ahead of schedule) and I have nothing but good things to say about this company. The installers arrived early, and were courteous, hard-working, and friendly. Even when they encountered a problem under the slab, they did their best to help resolve it. They went above and beyond to make sure the job was done properly. Though I know that Ground Zero has top quality shelters, I would recommend them based on service and installation alone!
Kristin  March, 10 2014 (Oklahoma), Underground Garage Shelters

A very easy process from talking with the salespeople at the Tulsa Home and Garden show to getting it installed. Very happy with the end result!
Rachel Colon  September, 24 2015 ( Broken Arrow, Oklahoma), Underground Garage Shelters

Ground Zero did a top-notch job from start to finish on my in-ground garage tornado shelter! It is rare these days to be inspired to write a positive review, so let me dive in with the details: 1. Sales - I visited their showroom in South OKC. Alicia was very friendly and knowledgeable about the shelters. I'm an engineer by trade and had many geeky engineering questions; Alicia was able to answer every question I had about the construction and design. She walked me through how the entire process is handled, and even described OKC's building permit process.  Was so impressed that I made the purchase on-the-spot.  The price I indicated ($2300) was a sales price for the "smaller" shelter, so your price may vary.  
2. Permits/Pre-Install: Ground Zero provided pre-filled forms for the building permit. If you live in OKC you can go online and apply, then fax the forms. They (the City) will call you back for your CC number and give you the permit number (which you provide back to Ground Zero. Ground Zero people followed up with me four days before install to ensure that everything was on-track.
3.  Installation:  Here is where Ground Zero hit it out of the park. I have to admit I was nervous about the install, as I've had more than a few installations that were total nightmares. My installers - Raul (Installer) and Xavier (Helper) were on time, ready to start immediately, and were very polite and professional.  Since I had a Pre-Tensioned Slab we had to call Suncoast to cut /re-anchor the cables latticed underneath the slab, this caused Raul and Xavier some minor delay and re-marking, but both of them worked seamlessly with Suncoast with the modifications and everything quickly was back on track.  Raul quickly had the slab cut and dirt removed within 1.5 hours, he was able to finesse the mini-excavator like a pro, probably could use it to pick up toothpicks if he wanted. Xavier was constantly moving and took care of the 1000 other smaller tasks, Raul and Xavier worked together like clockwork and rarely needed to talk.   When they were done they cleaned EVERYTHING, not a spot of mud anywhere inside or on the driveway, Raul used the pressure washer for a good 30 minutes just on the driveway.  While Raul hauled the dirt away, Xavier finished the troweling on the cement backfill leaving it with a nice raised feathering that looks very professional. NEVER in four hours on site did I see either gentleman take a break to loaf, they were constantly moving and working non-stop.

I'm very pleased with the professionalism of the Ground Zero Team from Start to Finish, and pleased with the final product.   No, I'm not a "shill" nor do I work for Ground Zero. I am just one consumer that is tired of writing bad reviews for bad service, and pleased for once to be able to write an outstanding Review!
Brian Betourney, Edmond, OK  January, 25 2016 (Oklahoma), Underground Garage Shelters

We had our garage shelter installed today. Leo and his assistant were very professional, kept me informed, and did a fantastic job. The area we wanted the shelter installed presented them will multiple challenges and they overcame every one of them. I strongly recommend this company!!! Thank you for your hard work and determination to get the job completed. My 8 year old can now have a secure place to be when we have any storms and won't have to get so very stressed that it makes him sick!! I just can't thank you enough. Very satisfied and pleased!!
Michelle  October, 12 2016 (Oklahoma), Underground Garage Shelters

Woot Woot I’m tickled to death. I just got off the phone assuming I was going to have to wait for my shelter to be installed, like forever. However, I called the awesome people at Ground Zero and they set me up in July, which was kinda cool… BUT… She called back like 10 mins later asking if THIS FRIDAY was good! WOW totally impressed.
The Churchs  June, 14 2015 (Oklahoma), 

Thanks Ground Zero for a great product installed by professional and very polite technicians! 3 hours start to finish.
Ken  January, 7 2005 (Oklahoma), Underground Garage Shelters

We had Ground Zero install our shelter about 2 weeks ago. Tyler and Daniel were wonderful!!! They came early, cleaned everything up and left me with a place to go in the storms. LOVE this company! Best shelter. I highly recommend them. Since we had ours installed, friends and neighbors have also bought from them. Thankful!
Cindy  March, 11 2014 (Oklahoma), Underground Garage Shelters

So happy we have our Ground Zero shelter! We purchased it at the Oklahoma state fair, a few years ago! Have everything in it we could possibly need, for any emergency. They brought it out and had it installed in a few hours. The installers did a fast, clean, neat , perfect job!
Eva  October, 22 2010 (Oklahoma), Underground Garage Shelters

Ground Zero put in a storm shelter for us and I was so impressed with their customer service, install process and install crew! I would highly recommend them to any one looking to install a storm shelter!!
Jenny  January, 1 2013 (Oklahoma), Underground Garage Shelters

I just used my shelter again last night for the third time since it was installed so I told myself I wouldn't let another day go by without sending you an e-mail. First of all, thank you s000000 much for my shelter. It has given me such peace of mind when we have bad weather. When I moved down to Georgia 10 years ago the weather was nothing like it is now! We get a lot of weather coming in from Alabama and we have had a lot of tornado warnings and actual tornadoes. One was about 1 mile away from me...crossed over my sister's street! That was when I decided to call you and ask you to install one of your shelters last April, 2012. Since then I have used it three times! It gives me such comfort knowing all I have to do is to go into my garage, slide the steel door open, and walk down the stairs. So far I have been with my friends each time. They run over from next door when we have a tornado warning. They love it as much as I do! When we slide the door closed, I am telling you, we all have such a feeling of safety! I have a battery operated light bulb with a holder that I was able to stick onto the wall. It lights up the whole shelter. My friend put a material on the stairs which is non-slip. We never slipped, but this gives us more traction on the steps. I'm going to put a pretty throw rug onto the floor also. All of the above makes it so cozy and comfortable! We bring our tablets and cell phones down with us so we can keep track of what's going on above us. We've had kids in there with us from 2 years old to 12 years old and they love it too. I also have all of my supplies down there with us...batteries, port - o - potty, toilet paper, paper towels, a case of water, etc. etc. I have put them under the stairs and they take up very little room and are not in our way at all. I sometimes think what I used to be like when bad weather was coming...I was a nervous wreck! Just going to the bottom level of my house did not make me feel safe at all because it's still on the ground! I still absolutely hate it when we have a chance for tornadoes, but knowing we have our shelter to go into is an UNBELIEVABLE comfort for us all! Thank you! Also, thank you so much for coming out here so quickly last year. Robert and Kaleb were awesome! They knew exactly what they were doing and made the whole installation process fun. They were such nice guys and they cleaned up so nicely before they left. I'm sending along some pictures I took on the day of installation. Some of them, unfortunately, have water spots on them (must have been on my lens.) I'll pick out the good ones and send them to you. You may be getting a few e-mails. I think I can send only 5 per e-mail. The people you see in the pies are my friends who run over to share my shelter. They were with us the whole time when it was being installed. Once again Debbie, thank you so much for the great experience of installation day and for my new "unbelievable shelter." I love it, love it, love it. To know I can run down there when we have a severe weather situation is...priceless!
Donna L Guerra  April, 6 2012 (Dallas, Georgia), Underground Garage Shelters

We want to thank everybody from Ground Zero for our new safe room. Everybody from the sales people to the installers were very professional. We hope we will never need to use it but if we do we will have peace of mind knowing it is a quality and safe place.
Pastor Ned McCarty  March, 8 2017 (Cushing), Above Ground Safe Rooms/Panic Rooms

Hey! I got the hat and t-shirt on Friday. Wow. They look great and many thanks. Love the red. I'll wear them with pride. We're extremely happy with our shelter and the great service from you and the others at GZ. Best wishes from Kansas.
Somers, Robb & Robb - Joe Robb  June, 14 2014 (Newton, Kansas), Above Ground Safe Rooms/Panic Rooms

Love my new shelter. The guys who installed it were A+. They worked very hard and did an awesome job. I posted pictures on Facebook and am already being ask where I got it.
Sue Richmond  July, 8 2014 (Oklahoma City, OKLA), Underground Garage Shelters

Never hope to use our new above ground shelter BUT VERY THANKFUL to have it! Excellent communication & excellent installation thank you!
Janel, Brandon & Kyle Jordan, Tuscaloosa, Al  January, 6 2016 (Tuscaloosa, Alabama), Above Ground Safe Rooms/Panic Rooms

Ground Zero Shelters Oklahoma News ClippingEnclosed you will find a clipping from the Newton Daily News. This is our local paper. We have had people come to check out our shelter. As you know we had our storm shelter put in May 5th and it was a very well organized piece of construction the way they put it in the floor of our garage. We moved what we wanted in it to be comfortable if we ever needed to use it. Well, the time came to use it (6) days after we had it installed.

We had 75 MPH wind, hail, heavy rains and tornados were predicted on T.V. We moved into the shelter about 11:00 P.M. Sunday on Mother’s Day and stayed in it until 12:30A. M. It was a scary feeling knowing that all of our worldly goods above us could be destroyed but our lives were safe as we sat and waited for the storm to pass.

We want to thank you for the T shirt and are letting people know about your company. Thanks again!
Mel & Carmen Allen - Newton, Iowa  May, 4 2014 (Newton, Iowa), Underground Garage Shelters

Our new storm shelter was installed on Tuesday. Tanner and Daniel from your company. We are older and had thought that service was a dying art, especially with young people! We were told they would arrive to install between 6 and 7:00 am. They arrived at 6:20 am and from then until the shelter was finished there was never a wasted motion. They were very well mannered, informed, patient, a well-oiled machine and a real credit to your company. Our friends, Mark and Sandy Kern formerly of Perry, highly recommended your company and while we checked out several, we are so delighted we chose Ground Zero. Please list us as very satisfied customers from beginning to end.
Allie and Ed Frankfurt - Oklahoma City  May, 13 2014 (Oklahoma City, OKLA), Underground Garage Shelters

Your crew came on time and did a fantastic job today. We appreciate so much your team's professionalism and detailed work. I wish you and your company the best as you continue to serve families and help keep them safe from violent storms.
Tim W.  March, 1 2010, Underground Garage Shelters

We just had one of your storm shelters installed.  First I would like to say that Daniel and Brandon were INCREDIBLE installers ....extremely hard working and courteous.  Everything was explained thoroughly and our garage was spotless.  I will definitely be recommending your company to friends and neighbors.
Mike  May, 4 2016 (Oklahoma), Above Ground Safe Rooms/Panic Rooms

I wanted to write a note to express what an EXCELLENT experience it has been working with Ground Zero Shelters.

For starters, after very extensive research I found Ground Zero Storm Shelters to be the best fit for my family in comparison to all the several options there are out there.

From the first phone call to installation they have been great to work with. After buying our first home last year and dealing with the builder, furniture companies, insurance companies etc., it was refreshing to work with a company that knows not only how to build a great product but exceeds on customer service.

After living through the nightmare of April 27th and tornados blowing through our neighborhood March 3rd destroying homes, thanks to Ground Zero we can finally have peace of mind.

I have already done so and will continue to recommend your company for anyone looking to install a shelter.

Thank you or making this an easy process!
Christina  April, 1 2013 (North Carolina), Underground Garage Shelters

This morning your crew of two, Shannon and Cesar showed up on time and ready to go to work on our new storm shelter.  I wish to advise you that you have two great employees in these two men.  They worked effortlessly, tirelessly and professionally the entire time they were at my residence.  I have observed many contractor crews in our neighborhood since I retired a couple of years ago and have never seen any of them work as hard as these two.  They have the installation down to an "art form" and waste no time or motion in getting the job done and done well. Thanks to both Shannon and Cesar for the efforts and to your organization for employing such reliable, dependable, hard-working people.
John and Tracey (Tulsa, OK)  July, 10 2012 (Oklahoma), Underground Garage Shelters

We are more than pleased with our shelter. We are happy as larks:) The crew was beyond professional. We will be shouting your praises and are going to have an open house shelter viewing. I am going to put my sweet tadors in it for the winter. :) We are going to leave the ground signs up at the driveway and might put them on the back side of the hill facing 144 to advertise.
Thank you soooooooooooo very much.
Wanda & Mickey  November, 19 2013 (Oklahoma), Underground Garage Shelters

I'm extremely happy with the install of the garage shelter. The workmanship on the shelter far exceeds my expectations. I have to commend you on your staff. Brook has been great from placement of order to scheduling. The install was flawless. Jade and Wade were courteous, professional and showed great respect for the product purchased as well as my property.  They were both meticulous with the install and the cleanup. I have to commend you on your product and your staff.
Darren (Altus, Oklahoma)  December, 19 2011 (Oklahoma), Underground Garage Shelters

I want to thank you and your crew for the wonderful job they did with the installation of our storm shelter.  They were right on time and completed the work quickly and efficiently, without so much as a mess left behind.  The construction of the shelter is awesome and it was just as described on your website and through your e-mails.  My family can rest safe knowing that we have a quality product that was installed professionally. Thanks again!
Dennis  June, 14 2010 (Oklahoma), Underground Garage Shelters

Today a Ground Zero shelter was installed at our home.  I want you to know how pleased we are with the installation, especially the crew that did the work.  Raul and his two crew members gave us everything we expected from a high performance team...prompt, friendly service and precision made the installation an all-around great experience for me and my family.  They were respectful of our property and took care to leave the work area as clean as when they arrived.  Congratulations for having skilled, friendly craftsmen representing your company.  They represent you well and I am glad to recommend Ground Zero to my friends and colleagues.
Jim  May, 6 2014 (Oklahoma), Underground Garage Shelters

On April 27, 2011, my son, who attends the University of Alabama, was in the tornado that hit Tuscaloosa.  Our home was completely destroyed, his car totaled, but he survived without a scratch, because he got in the tub with a mattress.  We since have had the house bulldozed, and are now working on new plans to rebuild.   We have already decided to have a safe room/storm shelter installed in the master closet for the new house.   Tonight, I was surfing the internet to look at some safe rooms and came across your website.  Upon opening your site, to my amazement, a picture of our home and his car was on your homepage.  We are very interested in having one of your shelters in our new home.
Marisa  July, 7 2012 (Alabama), Above Ground Safe Rooms/Panic Rooms

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your wonderful work!!!!   Your family (as friends) of course are a blessing, but this message is more than that.... a lifesaver too!!!!   We got to reap the benefits of your labor last night... and although with two smelly kids (and let’s not even talk about all the animals), it was rather cozy in our shelter.   We truly are blessed to have had it!    Your work is a real blessing, and I am sure to MANY more than just our family!!!!
God bless in all you do!!!!  May, 3 2013 (Moore, Oklahoma), Above Ground Safe Rooms/Panic Rooms

You installed a 12 man shelter for us and last Monday late afternoon, we had over 15 people in the shelter and if we had needed to have more we would have made room.  I was waiting for a neighbor to cross the street and a young mother and her two children were driving by and she was panicking with no place to go and we asked her and her children to come in and she was so happy.  You meet people when in a storm and we all become friends fast.  Thank you Ground Zero for the safe feeling during the May 10th storm.
Steve  May, 15 2010 (Moore, Oklahoma), Underground Garage Shelters

Thank you for installing the safe room for my nephew who is in a wheel chair. Ground Zero Shelters is fantastic and so professional when they install.  My sister called one day and was in tears and she was so worried about her son, they have an outdoor shelter in the yard but he cannot get in to it, his wife and children were in it and he set in the hallway and had no protection.  They made arrangements to have it installed the next day.  What a relief for our family to know he is protected from the storms.   Thank you....Thank you.... 
Kathy  October, 6 2009 (Oklahoma), Above Ground Safe Rooms/Panic Rooms

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a very pleasant experience regarding my storm cellar installation.  The installers Joe and Travis were just great.  They were so polite, friendly and very professional  also very neat.  My garage was cleaner after the job was done than it has ever been.  Also they were very informative. They allowed me to watch them all afternoon and take pictures as the job progressed along. I couldn't be happier with the whole thing and very proud of my storm cellar. I would highly recommend your company to anyone!
Elaine Sturdivant  May, 13 2008 (Oklahoma), Underground Garage Shelters

Very friendly and knowledgeable.
Garrett, Olive Branch Miss  March, 20 2012 (Olive Branch, Mississippi), Underground Garage Shelters

We want to tell you how much we appreciate the quick response for the "entrance bar" to our shelter.  We never dreamed that you would be so quick to fill our needs.  Again, we are so glad that we chose your company to install our shelter.  We will continue to recommend your company to anyone we know that would like a shelter.
Ken and Sharlene Leonard  June, 11 2012 (Oklahoma), Underground Garage Shelters

Thanks each and every one of you for all of your efforts. We are 110% pleased with our safe room.  From the way that it was built-to the way it was installed. We hope to get two more of our family members to do as we have done.  Please feel free to give our phone number to anyone interested. We will be glad to talk to them or show them our safe room.
Sturlin and Virginia C., McCloud, OK  February, 27 2015 (McCloud, Oklahoma), Above Ground Safe Rooms/Panic Rooms

We had a tornado shelter installed in our garage last week and I am so impressed with the guys that installed the shelter.  They were here when they said, did exactly what they said they would do , it has been a long time that anyone has fulfilled my expectations of anything being done exactly like I was told when I bought it.  This shelter is a huge peace of mind to me and my family.  I cannot say how pleased I am with Ground Zero Shelters and their employees.  I have a shelter to protect my family, I would recommend these people to anyone.
Susan, Broken Arrow,OK-Great job guys, I love my shelter!!!  April, 16 2014 (Broken Arrow, OKlahoma), Underground Garage Shelters

I have had to use my shelter one time since it was installed and I want you to know that it was so easy to get into behind my car, I did not have to go outside in the weather to get in.  It is just like they promised.
Katy, Yukon  September, 12 2013 (Yukon, Oklahoma), Underground Garage Shelters

I just wanted to convey my thanks to Ground Zero for a great job with my shelter installation this past Friday.  Your team, Shannon and Raul, did an outstanding job with a tough installation.  We ran into some unexpected difficulties with a water line that ran through an 18 inch footing in my slab, and we couldn’t complete the installation on the first day due to plumber availability in our local area.  Shannon and Raul stayed an extra night and hand mixed the concrete on Saturday morning to ensure the installation was completed correctly.  The end result was a very professional installation and a great looking shelter.  Please feel free to call or e-mail me if you have any questions about the project.  Thanks again for your help throughout this process and I plan to highly recommend your company and your product to my friends and neighbors.   Hopefully we won’t have to use the shelter, but if we do I feel confident we’ll be safe and sound!
Jeff  May, 14 2012 (Iowa), Underground Garage Shelters