Underground Tornado Storm Shelters

Underground Tornado Storm Shelters in Oklahoma

Our underground garage tornado shelters are unique because unlike other types of storm shelters, these do not require extra square footage. Also, your vehicle can be parked normally over the storm shelter, still allowing you access whenever needed. This space-saving design allows you to stay out of inclement weather and harm’s way while minimizing inconveniences when the shelter is not in use. We offer this shelter in two sizes and two installation types:

Large (Holds 7+ People)

  • 39” x 7’ x 56”
  • Hole size: 4' x 8'

Extra-Large (Holds 11+ People)

  • 60” x 7’ x 61”
  • Hole Size: 5'8" x 8'

Standard Installation*

In-garage underground storm shelter with standard installation. The shelter is installed with the following:

  • Backfilled with dirt to the top u-crimp and then backfilled the remainder of the way with sack concrete.

*If there is excessive water in the hole of the shelter, then it must be a Deluxe Installation. This is defined by having over 3" of groundwater in the hole and rising water levels.

Deluxe Installation

In-garage underground storm shelter with deluxe installation. This shelter is installed with the following:

  • Dust-free installation because the concrete is cut with a diamond blade wet saw.
  • Backfilled with ready-mix concrete from a concrete truck, poured on all four sides from the top of the shelter to the bottom.
  • Comes with a hand winch for extra leverage when opening sliding door if debris is on the lid.
  • Comes with a magnesium anode buried underneath. This draws the electrolysis out of the soil, and it consumes the anode instead of the steel.

Why Choose an Underground Tornado Shelter?

No one in the central United States is truly immune from tornadoes. As a family business that has been operating in Oklahoma for nearly two decades, we have seen firsthand the destruction tornadoes leave behind. There are many reasons to choose an underground storm shelter, the most important reason being that you need a way to protect your family in the event of a tornado. Secondly, underground storm shelters are practical for those who do not want to add a bulky container on their property. In-ground shelters are more discreet and don’t get in the way of everyday life.

About Our Underground Garage Storm Shelters

Our garage storm shelters have been impact tested at the Texas Tech Wind and Science Institute and meet or exceed current FEMA and ICC standards, keeping your family safe to the highest degree possible. Your Ground Zero shelter can be installed in a new or existing home, and installation takes as little as 4 hours or less for a large shelter, and 5 hours or less for an extra-large shelter. Once installed, we'll give you the GPS coordinates so you can give them to your local fire department or emergency management office for registration.

Each of our underground garage storm shelters comes with five removable steel steps, a set of 2x8 benches covered with carpet, and a removable handrail. Your storm shelter will be coated with powder-coated epoxy to help prevent corrosion over time and features the only patented two-piece lid on the market in which both lids open from the inside.

To ensure your underground shelter stands up to the test of time and natural elements, our lifetime warranty covers floating, leaking, and manufacturing defects. This way you can rest easy knowing your shelter is in prime condition whenever the next storm or tornado hits.

NOTE: All pricing Includes installation.

Additional Features of Our Underground Shelters

  • Manufactured with 10-gauge steel, patented u-crimps design for added strength.
  • Doors and track system are made of 1/4" plate steel and are bent for added durability.
  • The back lid is held down by four bolts and can be used as an emergency exit. The back lid can be opened using a ratchet with a 3" extension and a 9/16 socket. 
  • Two 3/4" u-crimps on both sides to add additional strength to the steel and to help keep tornado shelter from floating.
  • Laser-cut parts from a state-of-the-art Mitsubishi 4020 fiber laser to ensure precision and excellent engineering.
  • Automatic locking door keeps it from opening when underground shelter is not in use.
  • Shelter automatically locks when the door closes, but there are two unlocking levers reachable from either hand hole in the top of the shelter door.
  • Edge slightly raised up to 1” above grade to prevent water runoff from getting into shelter.
  • Welded inside and out
  • Install crew will clean up area post-installation to avoid inconveniences.

Contact Ground Zero Shelters, Co.

Place your order today, or give us a call at 877.880.1351 to learn more about what Ground Zero Shelters can do for you. Our representatives are always available to answer your questions and work with you to build the best underground storm shelter according to your needs.

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