Tornado Facts About Virginia

Keep up to data with Virginia’s weather history, including the interesting tornado facts below.

  • Virginia average 10 tornados a year.
  • 42% of Virginia’s tornados are category F-1 tornados.
  • These F-1 tornados have cause almost $1 million in damages.
  • Virginia suffers the most tornados between the months of April and September.
  • Tornados can be produced in Virginia when a strong hurricane passes the state.
  • At least 15 hurricanes have produced tornados in Virginia.
  • Mountainous regions and the Chesapeake Bay area seem especially prone to tornados.
  • Denser populated areas are most likely to have more reported tornados.
  • Watersprouts are common in Virginia and once they reach land they are considered a low level tornado.
  • Watersprouts usually affect the tidewater counties.

Even though tornados in Virginia have been recorded since the 1700s, there is still a lot of misinformation about them. Knowing all you can about Virginia and using this information to stay secure is imperative. Ground Zero’s technicians are knowledgeable about creating a variety of tornado storm shelters like the above ground safe room.Order your shelter today!

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