Warranty/Service Call Agreement

If your issue is with an in ground garage shelter or an above ground shelter please fill out the information below.

Warranty Information
Today's Date :
April 20, 2024
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Please upload Three pictures of the problems of the shelter below.

Things that are covered would be: Leaking, floating, or manufacturing defects, to the first homeowner for life of the home or homeowner and is only transferrable one time to a new homeowner for 6 months.

Rusting is not covered under the warranty. Rusting and not leaking is not covered. You will need to do maintenance on your shelter by touching up with spray paint.  Do not cover your in garage below ground your unit with plastic carpet, rubber, etc.

If our tech determines that your repair is not covered under the warranty, or if we send a tech out to do the repair on the scheduled day and customer is not there, causing us to make a second trip,  there will be a $250 trip charge for coming out. We cannot schedule our tech to come out until you have completed and signed this form and provided pictures of the issues with your shelter. This allows us to have the correct tools and equipment to fix your shelters issues.

If you cannot be there on the date that we schedule your repair it could be a minimum of 2 weeks before we can reschedule.

Please make sure shelter is cleaned out before tech arrives.